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February 6, 2012
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(Official Profile Template)


Warning: This BIO contains major SPOILERS.

This is NOT an official bio, it has been written by me with the help of the FMOCA Staff. While this bio is not official, we have done some heavy research on the subject both online and with the help of "FMA Chronicles" so you can be 100% sure that this information is trustworthy unlike anything else you could find online like the FMA wiki.

If you think we're missing ANYTHING, please say so.

The main purpose of this Canon Bio is helping our members get to know the canon characters they're gonna be working with better thus avoiding OOC in their stories.

Thanks for your attention, we hope you find this to be useful.



Name: Edward Elric - エドワード・エルリック
Nicknames: Ed, the Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal, Elric, pipsqueak, shorty


·         12 (When he becomes the Fullmetal Alchemist in the Fall of 1911)

·         15 (When the series begins in the Spring of 1914)

·         16 (When the Promised Day happens in the Spring of 1915)

·         18 (At the end of the manga in 1917)

D.O.B: September 15th, 1899 (His birthday is not February 3rd. If you look in the manga by October 3rd, 1911, Edward is 12 years old. When Edward is on the train with Winry, Al and Ling going back to Central City, Winry states that Ed is "almost 16 years old". This scene presumably takes place towards the end of the summer, most likely August. This means his date of birth would be in mid-September. The "15" was more of a random estimate. Only if your story follows the first anime Ed's birthday would be February 3rd, 1899.

While Arakawa said it herself that Edawrd was born in winter, she also added that winter can last up to 6 months in Amestris. Edward and Alphonse tried to bring their mother back the autumn/winter after Edward's 11th birthday on 1910. We have to keep in mind that his automail rehab takes about 1 year, this would be some time around August - September but we also know that  Edward's birthday CAN'T be after October 3rd (Probably not even after September 20), because by this date he is already 12 when he sets on his journey, and is already 12 by the time he gets his title, which probably happened about a week before this.)

Place of Birth: Resembool, Amestris


·         Resembool: Ages 0 – 10

·         Dublith: Age 10 for 6 months

·         Resembool: Ages 10 – 12

·         Traveling: Ages 12 – 16

·         Resembool: Ages 16 – 18

·         Traveling: Post manga (Unknown amount of time)

·         Rush Valley: Final Residence (Presumably,  still unclear)

Occupation: State Alchemist


·         Basic Grammar School

·         Studying alchemy using his father's note and the help of his brother

·         Alchemy Apprentice at age 10



·         4'11" (When the series starts in the Spring of 1914)

·         5'7" (When the Promised Day arrives in the Spring of 1915)

·         5'11" (At the end of the manga in 1917)

·         6'1" (Post manga, presumably in the early 1920s)


·         Color: Gold

·         Style:

o   As a child: Kept short in a bowl-cut like style

o   Early to mid-teens: Grows out his hair after preforming human transmutation. For the most part wears it in a braid. He will occasionally switch between a braid and a pony tail through the series.

o   Late teens to adulthood: Still has long hair, most typically kept pulled back in a ponytail.

Eyes: Xerxenian Gold Eyes

Skin: Caucasian has a bit of tan due to Xerxenian roots

Body type:

·         Short and skinny (Pre-Manga, as a child and preteen)

·         Short, muscular, athletic build (Throughout the series from 1914-1915)

·         Tall, broad, muscular, athletic build (At the end of the manga in 1917 and after that.)


·         Simple, comfortable and generic, usually wears shorts (From birth until around 1911)

·         Considered to be very "tacky", typically goes for blacks and reds, wears gloves to hide his automail, boots (From 1911 until around the fall of 1914)

·         Wears less tacky clothing, more blacks, simpler, basic clothing, boots, gloves (From the fall of 1914 until the Promised Day in the Spring of 1915)

·         Long coats, typically brown, white collared shirts and dress pants, vests. Lots of earthy tones. At home wears sampler clothing like t-shirts and pants. (From the end of the manga in 1917 and after that.)


»Van Hohenheim: Father (deceased, post-manga)

»Trisha Elric: Mother (deceased)

»Alphonse Elric: Younger brother

»Winry Rockbell: Wife (Post-manga)

»Unnamed Son (Post-manga)

»Unnamed Daughter (Post-manga)

»Presumed to possibly have more than two children

»Urey Rockbell: Father-in-Law (Post-manga, deceased)

»Sara Rockbell: Mother-in-Law (Post-manga, deceased)

»Pinako Rockbell: Grandmother-in-Law (Post-manga)

»Mei Chang: Sister-in-Law (Post-manga, no solid proof, presumably)


One of Edward's main traits is probably his hot temperedness, he's not a very patient person and will easily lose his cool if taunted or when his short height is mentioned or implied, he's very sensitive about his short stature. His hot headedness and childishness come hand in hand as it is when Ed loses his temper that his childish side comes out most of the time; this trait shows along with his stubbornness and competitiveness as well.

Ed's not only dedicated but also incredibly stubborn, which is not always a good thing, while he seems to accomplish every single goal he sets for himself he can sometimes be impulsive and ends up getting in trouble, his pride and braveness, add to this flaw and will often worsen things up and he will go to incredible lengths to avoid defeat as long as this doesn't put his beloved ones in danger, he's willing to give his life for them.

Edward feels the need to protect those he holds dear, but he seems to be particularly overprotective of females. Ed's an "I'm a big macho" kind of guy and can be considered sexist when it comes to a couple of things; however, he has a great respect and admiration towards the "weaker" sex.

Edward is incredibly intelligent, and has always been, even before the human transmutation when he saw the truth. Probably a bookworm from the moment he learnt how to read, he loves learning and can spend hours on end reading about any subject he finds interesting. He is also very geeky; he views the world around him with the eyes of a scientist, for instance, while a regular person will enjoy the beauty of a sunset, Ed will be thinking about the physics of light. Ed just can't help but to appreciate life from a scientific point of view.

Ed is bold and outspoken and may come off as a rude brat… which he is at times. He rarely watches his manners or words. He can be very grumpy especially for some time after he's been made angry by someone or something. He's not exactly easily amused.

Ed has a very mischievous nature and can get to be an asshole. Ed often messes with people and shows no regret at all if they deserve what he did to them. He's not very manipulative because his hot temperedness and impulsiveness don't allow it, but he can certainly come up with devilish plans every now and then to give someone a lesson, he has a strong sense of justice even though he's usually the first one to break the rules. He seems to enjoy teasing others and a particular quirk of his is giving nicknames.  He can be very eccentric sometimes, especially when it comes to his tastes in clothing and the designs of the things he creates with his alchemy.

He is pretty much asexual throughout his puberty but will randomly get jumpy around the opposite sex, more precisely a girl he finds attractive or has feelings towards. Ed can be considered to be romantically disabled; he's simply awkward around females as expected from a science geek and will probably have a hard time coping with these things. He's easily embarrassed in general so he's probably not a huge fan of public displays of affection.


»Things that look "tacky"/"bad ass" in appearance


»Being short/Being called short
»Being picked on
»When others cry
»Being underestimated


»Needles (In Anime 1)
»Alphonse blaming him for what happened
»Losing a loved one
»Not growing
»Not being able to get Al's body back
»Making others cry




»Get back the body Al lost, as well as his arm and leg
»Being able to help others
»Growing taller
»Later: Changing the laws of alchemy so that when you give 10, you get 11 in return


»Short tempered
»A bit of a jerk


»Alchemy; Can be performed without a transmutation circle due to performing human transmutation.

»Focus: Has amazing focus when studying or reading books.

»Martial Arts

»Incredible intelligence; prodigy.

:bulletblack: Fun facts:

»He claims to be taller than he is by including the height of his platform boots and antenna

»What most people would find "tacky", Ed finds "bad ass".

»He has the physical ability to dodge Winry's wrench throwing, but chooses not to dodge it, thinking he probably deserves it.

»He doesn't like milk because he claims it's a "white liquid spewed from a cow".

»He is the youngest person in history to become a State Alchemist and join the military.

»He is a child prodigy.

»He is determined never to take a life on his journey.

»He likes to give nicknames.

»Dogs love him.

»One of the last people in the world of Xerxenian descent.

» He is an illegitimate child and the surname Elric comes from his mother.

Back story summary:

Edward was born in Resembool, Amestris to Trisha Elric and Van Hohenheim in the autumn of 1899. He lived a pretty average life until his father left when he was around 5 years old. (Edward does not really hate his father, but he is very resentful for this and shows a general hatred towards him when in reality he's always missed him.) This is when Ed and his younger brother Alphonse grow interested in alchemy and start learning with the help of their father's notes. Trisha seems to be very pleased by this, which encourages the boys to learn more, while both seemed to have a special talent for it, Ed excelled at it.

It isn't long after his father's departure that his mother gets ill and dies during an epidemic leaving Ed and Al behind. Ed and Al are taken in by the Rockbells as they had no relatives and they were close friends with this family.

Ed and his brother are raised by Pinako Rockbell along with her granddaughter Winry who also loses her parents at a very young age. During this time, Ed and his brother continue learning alchemy, now with a new goal set in their young minds: to bring their mother back from the dead.

At the age of ten, Edward meets Izumi Curtis and soon becomes her alchemy apprentice along with Al. They spend 6 months in Dublith with her training.

As soon as Ed and Al get back to Reesembool they start the preparations to attempt human transmutation to bring their mother back. Ed finally deciphers his father's notes and Ed and Al try and fail to bring their mother back.

Edward has won incredible knowledge after seeing the truth, but it came at a price, his left leg. When he returns from the gate, he realizes his brother Al is nowhere to be found, as his entire body has been taken by the truth as a toll for what resulted from their human transmutation, which is nothing but a malformed creature that barely lives for a few minutes.

Edward then returns to the gate this time offering his right arm in exchange for the soul of his brother, which he seals in an old suit of armor his father kept in his study.

Al, now a suit of armor takes Ed to the Rockbells, where he is nursed back to health by Pinako and Winry. Edward is completely devastated by what happened he appears to be in a vegetative state. (Which he is not, but it looks like it.) It's however highly possible that Ed developed PTSD after this incident.

Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye appear on their front door one day along with new opportunities for Edward. Mustang is amazed by Edward's abilities and he offers him the possibility of being part of the state, of becoming a state alchemist which would help him find a way to restore his body and most importantly, Alphonse's.

Ed doesn't have to think about it twice before making up his mind. Edward is determined to fix things and he asks Pinako to give him automail, as he wouldn't get far missing two of his limbs. The procedure is incredibly painful and the rehabilitation takes a huge effort and various months.

Finally at the age of 12, Edward becomes the youngest person in history to become a state alchemist and join the military. He burns his house down on October 3rd of that year and sets out on a journey along with his little brother Al.
Warning: This BIO contains major SPOILERS.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official bio, it has been written by me with the help of the FMOCA Staff. While this bio is not official, we have done some heavy research on the subject both online and with the help of "FMA Chronicles" so you can be 100% sure that this information is trustworthy unlike anything else you could find online like the FMA wiki.

If you think we're missing ANYTHING, please say so.

The main purpose of this Canon Bio is helping our members get to know the canon characters they're gonna be working with better thus avoiding OOC in their stories.

Thanks for your attention, we hope you find this to be useful.

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Helpful and hilarious. Ed sure is an entertaining and inspiring character as a whole.
DetectivePaws Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You should probably correct one bit: Ed can perform alchemy without a circle because he saw into the gate, not simply because he performed a human transmutation. Al also performed a human transmutation, but cannot perform alchemy without a circle.
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Eh I'm probably deleting this, it's kind of a dumb thing to have, no worries.
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She didn't say that Winter lasts up to 6 months in Amestris, she said it could last up to 6 months where she lives. But ya she did say that his birthday was in some point in the winter
MGSweden Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
This was really intresting to read ^^ but it's known when Edward gets back from his traveling. According to the Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle (Official Guide) Edward and Winry get married in 1917 when they're 18 years old which means Edward must have traveled less then a year.
Bitter-Cherry Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's not necessarily the moment he stopped traveling. It doesn't seem very logical either. Not with the way Ed and Al put it at least when they talked about leaving again.

That's that. On my personal opinion that why I thought it was kinda stupid for them to marry so soon/young. They made it seem like Ed and Al had a lot of stuff to do and places to visit and shit, you'd think they'd be away for a couple of years not a few months. Of course, then again chances are he continued with his traveling after their wedding. Still felt like something that could be postponed since both Ed and Winry were busy with their own work and stuff at the moment. It was probably just a good marketing choice on the editor's side though. Aand I'm rambling.
agilesalmon Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
wow my friends call me Ed all the time (obviously because of this as my name is Michael) but i didnt get how much i act like ed...i always thought that nick name was because of my height complex but there is so much more as far as personality goes...i'm a little shocked now
HitanTenshi Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thank you for correcting slight errors in my knowledge of Ed! Alas, we no longer know what his birthday is..... :icononionfailplz: Why, Arakawa-sensei? :iconcomebackplz:
Koichi-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
I'm not sure how it is in the manga but it's true as I read up that Arakawa said that Ed's born in winter but I'm sure that his birthday is on the 3rd February in the first anime. I don't even remember where I know this from, but I'm sure (;
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