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April 15, 2012
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Just my thoughts... I don't think I need to say more... they are people too.

P.D. SOME artists ARE stuck up bitches, but not all of them.

P.D 2. I've grown thick skin since then, this doesn't exactly get to me anymore, but I wanted t share anyways.
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Only problem is, I don't totally agree with the "Free Requests" part. I mean, if such a popular artist is open to free requests by all of her fans, then her life would be totally swarmed by making those requests, and she wouldn't have time to even deal with other aspects of her life.

Many artists out there, like me, believe that an artist should never work for free. We don't like the "starving artist" treatment, and thus, the solution is instead to make people "commission you": pay you to do an artwork for them. And, like those artists, I only accept free requests from the closest of friends and acquaintances :D

Well,  I don't care about my views that much, but I do have a few fans who truly adore my artwork, and they make me feel great. In fact, I like it better, than being flooded with thousands of half-hearted attention-whoring comments and fake views.
Bitter-Cherry Apr 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I never said they should? The whole point of the strip is to speak up for this people and call shitty people out on their bullshit. Examples being provided in the last few lines.

I am completely against the idea that artists should work for free... I mean I AM a freelance artist after all.
THAT's always the way it should be.

Then again, I like how your strip brings forth the message. Popularity isn't all glitz and glamour: you actually have to carry a lot more weight on your shoulders.

However, this is only dA. There are worse sites you could possibly upload your art. Personally, dA is very light-hearted and safe enough from the malignant denizens of the internet.  Judgmental people will always be a part of the Internet, but I've become numb towards them ever since, and nowadays I have greater freedom in drawing anything I want, not like when I started out where I only drew to gain Views, which, of course now, embarrasses me a little.

I would share this strip to a few big-name artists I've met in person, if you don't mind. They might relate this one to their own experiences.
Nomnivore8 Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this took all the words right out of my mouth.
Sounds like a good summary for life.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if we all went in a big circle, and capped the guy to the left on an agreed signal.
TheCutetooner Feb 3, 2014  Student General Artist
That's my life...
I want to hug you with all of my forces
IlianaMor Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You know, Cherry, I want to share with you one thing. When I just started to draw I couldn't even imagine I will have a tablet, or about putting my sketches on deviantart... I just drew everywhere and felt happy. But then one of my best friends found my sketchbook and started laughing over it. I was very embarrassed. She said my sketches were awful, that I need to start learning anatomy, that I don't even know how to draw people. These words hurt. It will sound stupid, but I burned my sketchbook will all drawings, cried for hours and felt depressed. Till my other friend came and told me one simple thing: all of artists must draw for themselves, not for anybody else and I still have a chance. It helped to concentrate, think and start drawing again.

Of course, this deviation is not exactly about me, but it still is awfully realistic. Tons of young artists comes to DA, hoping they could share their art with others, but... Happens a thing you perfectly displayed. 

Thank you very much for this deviation, Cherry. Now I understand I am not the only one with that problem
Bitter-Cherry Jan 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well this deviation is for and about everyone who can relate to it.

Now you listen to me. There will be people who will laugh at you, there will be people who are better than you and there will be people who are jealous of you. That's going to happen, there's no avoiding it. So what you do is keep working hard, and instead of feeling down because of the mean people, try to turn their negative words into positive, perhaps they were not to nice about it, but sometimes, haters actually point out real mistakes that you can learn from. And that's the best revenge you can get, learn from their attempts to hurt you.

Now, you're very young and you've got a long way ahead of you, I've got a long way ahead of me, we all do in a way. But the wonderful thing about art is that you never have to stop learning or improving. You don't just turn a certain age and stop improving. There is not limit to what you can learn to do. So keep at it.

And yes, draw to please yourself. You will find that there are people who happen to enjoy your art anyways.
IlianaMor Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw all of these people for about four years. School-bullying is awesome thing, right? I even thought about suicide, but drawing helped me. And now I am still working and moving forward, just because I wasn't weak enough. And hell yes, they were right. These people were right. I learned so much from them and tried to improve. You know what's the funniest thing is? Now those who bullied me cannot write a word dictation without me! Maybe that makes sense...

Yes, we all grow up and we all have a long way ahead. The most important is to go that way, not stop.  Now I see - I can improve everywhere, and in art too. We all shouldn't give up, and, as Tumblr blogs says: "Haters gonna hate". Thank you so much, Cherry. For the deviation, for replying. Despite your popularity and number of watchers, you are still a human, not a proud b**ch. 

And, i dare to upload my first sketch after watching your gallery. I wish you never stop drawing, never stop dreaming and never stop improving. Good luck.
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